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I give my consent for him/her to participate in the activity above and agree to delegate my authority to the staff and instructors involved. Such teachers and instructors may take whatever disciplinary action they deem necessary to ensure the safety, well-being and successful conduct of the students as a group, or individually in the above mentioned activity also authorise the teachers and instructors to obtain medical assistance, which they deem necessary should an accident occur, and agree to pay all medical expenses incurred on behalf of the above-mentioned student.

I submit the attached medical information about the above-mentioned student and include details of limitations, which he/she has for the activities concerned. I further authorise qualified medical practitioners to administer anaesthetic or any other emergency treatment as they require if such an eventuality arises.

I accept that my child is to behave in an appropriate manner and have explained this obligation to him/her. I have sighted the Code of Conduct in the Administration Section of the AICES Website  and agree that if my child seriously contravenes behavioural expectations he/she may be immediately excluded from the activity at my expense with no refund available.

I have downloaded and read the information on the website and hereby consent to my child participating in this event and that my child understands the dates and commitment and will fulfil that obligation.

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